Top 11 Music Industry Mentors (Some May Surprise You)

If you are an aspiring musician in today’s CRAZY music economy, these are the people you need in your corner to help you navigate!

  1. Cari Cole – @CariCole

    • Cari Cole has it all! She is one of the few people in the biz who actually focuses on the artist development side of the music industry (an aspect that has seemed to all but disappear in the last 10 years) rather than just music marketing. Not only does she help music artists develop their true sound, she is also a kick-ass vocal coach and music marketing master! Check out her blog for tons of music career advice.

  2. Ariel Hyatt – @CyberPR

    Ariel Hyatt is the founder of CyberPR, an online publicity company that is an especially great resource for independent music artists. Her twitter is jam-packed with helpful music industry tips, and her book Music Success in 9 Weeks is basically a classic.

  3. Daniel Coyle – @DanielCoyle

  4. Katie Reilly – @KatieReilly06

  5. Tim Ferriss – @tferriss

  6. Maneesh Sethi – @maneesh

  7. Sophie Shear – @SophieShear

    • Sophie Shear is a brilliant Nashville vocal coach who defies traditional methods to get way-better-than traditional results. Check out her YouTube channel for singing tips and feel your vocal chords transform!

  8. Robert Greene – @RobertGreene

  9. John Oszajca – @JohnOszajca

    • John Oszajca is in a unique position because he understands the music industry from the artist’s perspective. He has been signed to record deals with Interscope and Warner Brothers and definitely understands the positive and negative aspects of signing to record labels, firsthand. He has taken his experiences to create an amazing blog called Music Marketing Manifesto where he talks about different ways to get your music out into the world.

  10. Cal Newport – not surprisingly, he doesn’t have a Twitter!

    • Georgetown professor Cal Newport’s blog mostly offers advice to students, but his productivity and time-management advice is GOLD for musicians (and all creative types). He is one of the few productivity writers who understands creative peoples’ need for long periods of focused time (5 hour long songwriting sessions anyone?). Check out this genius blog post about scheduling creative time into your already busy life.

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One thought on “Top 11 Music Industry Mentors (Some May Surprise You)

  1. Wow I just came across this and I’m incredibly honored to be on a list among these great people, some of whom I consider my inspiration. Thanks so much! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you (same goes for anyone reading this).

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